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Album Review: Recorded In My Car by Tabby

Tabby is a music critic and artist who just released his new EP, Recorded In My Car . This is his follow up from his 2018 album, peachfuzz!  According to the album information on SoundCloud, the entire album was recorded in Tabby's 2005 Toyota Matrix, in a small town in Wisconsin. We start off with the killer introduction track, 2005 Matrix (Intro) . The introduction song is hyping everyone up for the album, especially since Tabby has been hyping up this album for awhile on his Twitter account. In the hook, he keeps on repeating, "Is you ready?" which builds up a huge hype for the rest of the album. In the last part of the track, there is a sample from a Jonah Hill interview. Coincidentally, the next track is titled, Jonah Hill . As stated before, the next track is Jonah Hill . Judging by the title and the line, "Like I'm Jonah Hill", you can tell that Tabby is a fan of Jonah Hill. In the first verse, he goes back to his high school and college days.

Albums I'm Looking Forward To: 5/31/19

It's finally the end of the month, and we are getting our last batch of albums for the month of May. There are a lot of great projects coming out on Friday, especially from smaller indie bands! 1. yes & no  by XYLØ I was browsing new albums for the week and found this artist. The band used to consist of Paige Duddy, and her brother, Chase Duddy. Her brother left the group in 2018 to focus on other projects. Paige Duddy lives in Los Angeles and is releasing her debut EP this Friday. I was listening to one the tracks on the EP,  the end , and immediately fell in love with this artist. If you love indie/alternative pop, be sure to check out the new EP! 2. Boat  by Pip Blom This was another band I stumbled upon while researching upcoming albums. According to their Facebook page, they are an indie rock band from Amsterdam. I love the lo-fi rock sound they have going on from the singles they have released for their album. Pip Blom also has some free music on Band

Album Review: Flamagra by Flying Lotus

After a long wait, Flying Lotus returns with his sixth album, Flamagra . Flying Lotus is a California based producer/songwriter. The opening track of the album is Heroes . The track has this grand opening talking about how the world has changed and that the world needs heroes now. Also, if you are a fan of the Dragonball series, there is a feature from there. A lot of beautiful instruments used in the very first track, with some jazz influences. Post Requisite  is another beautiful track off the album, however, there aren't any lyrics to this song. A lot of electronic loops he juggles between, but I really love the bass line on this track. Heroes in a Half Shell  jumps back to the theme of heroes. This track really feels like something you'd find on his previous album, You're Dead!  The arpeggios from a guitar I believe, really stick out throughout this track. I was really surprised when I heard More  on the album. When the music video was released, we didn

Album Review: Escape From New York by Beast Coast

Beast Coast is a hip hop collective featuring members from Flatbush Zombies, Pro Era, and The Underachievers. While they formed in 2012, they did not release their debut album until May 24, 2019. First track of the album is It Ain't Easy, It Ain't Easy . Right at the beginning of the album, you can tell that they took this project seriously. The track talks about how all of the members had to work hard to get where they are today. While they are a part of their own hip hop groups, they took time and dedication to get their name blown up. The next track and their first single off the album is Left Hand . This is my favorite track off the album. In different parts of the world, it is considered rude to do anything with your left hand. So in the song, they use the motto, "Never showed love with my left hand." Problemz  slows down the album for a bit. The song talks about how everyone has some sort of problem they are dealing with. Also, some problems can't

Album Review: IGOR by Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator returns with his fifth studio album, IGOR . Tyler, the Creator is a California based rapper. The first song off the album is IGOR'S THEME . The song starts off with a nearly 25 second synth drone. Right off the bat, this tells you that Tyler is moving into a new direction with his music. Right after the synth, it just keeps building up from there. I especially love the choir of people towards the end of the song. EARFQUAKE was one of the singles for the album. This isn't the first time we had a song with Tyler singing, but it tells you that this won't be an album consisting of Tyler rapping. The highlight of the song isn't Tyler's singing, it's actually his background vocals that he adds to the song. While I know a lot of people enjoyed the Playboi Carti feature, I just don't think it works well in this setting. Next, we move onto I THINK . Tyler is talking about how he is falling in love in a relationship. However, he is having

Albums I'm Looking Forward To: 5/24/19

While not as exciting as last week, there are still plenty of albums to look forward to this week. Check out the list I created below! 1. Flamagra  by Flying Lotus This album is at the TOP of my listening list this Friday. It has been almost five years since we last heard a Flying Lotus project. He has quietly been in the studio, such as producing a few songs for Kendrick Lamar, but never produced a full project since You're Dead! There are also a lot of great features on the track list, such as Anderson .Paak, Shabazz Palaces, and more! Check out one of the singles from the album! 2. Escape From New York  by Beast Coast Beast Coast is a newly formed hip hop group. It consists of Flatbush Zombies, Joey Bada$$, a few other members from Pro Era, and more. They have dropped some promising singles so far, and it makes sense since Beast Coast is made up of some of the best rappers there are right now. This will definitely be an album you won't want to miss. Check out

Album Review: Injury Reserve by Injury Reserve

 Injury Reserve  is the self-titled debut album from Injury Reserve and was released on May 17, 2019. Injury Reserve is a hip-hop trio from Tempe, Arizona. This was a powerful album and a great commercial release for this group. The album opens up with the banger, Koruna & Lime  and was the third single released from this album. The title of the song refers to the drink, Corona, with a lime. I especially love Ritchie with a T's verse because he mentions "spazz rap", which was referenced in another song, Oh Shit!!!  Overall, this is a solid start to the album. The next track, Jawbreaker , features Rico Nasty and PRO TEENS. Jawbreaker  was the first single from this album. I was never too big on this song since it seemed like a long interlude to me since Ritchie with a T has a long dialogue in the beginning. However, I do enjoy the end of the song where they imported a live recording from a concert and had the crowd chant the chorus. This next song is a bange

Album Review: Living Mirage by The Head and the Heart

Living Mirage  is The Head and the Heart's fourth album and was released on May 17, 2019. The Head and the Heart are an indie folk/rock band based out of Seattle. When listening to this record, it was very easy on the ears and has a lot of potential to make it into the mainstream media. The first song off the album, See You Trough My Eyes , starts off very slow and quiet "Oh" at the beginning. From there, it gradually builds up into a wide array of instruments. With the lyrics, "Until you learn to love yourself, the door is locked to someone else", it seems as if this person is in a relationship with someone. The person isn't fully committed because they are still in a place of questioning themselves. However, the person's partner sees who they are truly are, and wish they could see what he/she is truly worth. The next song, Missed Connection , is one of my favorites. It is full of energy and a powerful chorus. With the "La la" section,

Are These Earbuds Better Than Apple's Airpods?

Disclaimer: I was NOT paid by this company to review these earbuds. Everything I say is my opinion. Whether you're at work, at the gym, or even at home, earbuds are a necessity. In today's society, AirPods are the standard for earbuds. They're easy to use and easily recognized. However, there is one problem that comes along with it, the price. The first generation of AirPods come in at $159, with the second generation AirPods at $199. What if I were to tell you that there is a cheaper option out there, something that can rival it. What if I told you that it was under $50? Sounds crazy, but I tried a new pair of earbuds three months ago, and I absolutely love them. The earbuds I am talking about are JLab Audio JBuds. They are true wireless earbuds that also have a built-in microphone. First thing we should talk about is how you can pair these to a device. I have an iPhone 7 and it was extremely easy to pair these with my phone. I took the earbuds out of the ca

Album Review: Here Comes The Cowboy by Mac DeMarco

Here Comes The Cowboy  marks Mac DeMarco's fourth, full-length album, right after This Old Dog . This album is stripped back in terms of sound. However, Mac DeMarco seems to dive deeper into more mature topics, rather than this silly, up-beat humor. Starting off with the title track, it is very repetitive, and sets the tone for a very different album. I noticed that there isn't much in terms of instruments as well as vocals. The track does transition well into the next track, Nobody . This is a personal favorite of mine, even though it was a single for the album. It does bring back a small sense of the sound he was known for, that "jizz jazz", as Mac DeMarco would call it. Moving onto Finally Alone , the pace does speed up a little bit. However, there isn't too much for me to say at this point. Little Dogs March is another great song, however, is it a B-side to This Old Dog ? The theme seems similar to that album, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was

Albums I'm Looking Forward To: 5/17/19

It is that time of the week again, the albums I am looking forward to on Friday! This week we have a plethora of albums coming out and I am ecstatic to listen to everything that is coming out. Here is a short list of what I am looking forward to on Friday. 1. Igor by Tyler, the Creator Tyler's last album was amazing, and all of his singles that he dropped since Flower Boy  have been A+ material, especially his single Okra , which is a banger. From the small snippets I've heard, it seems like Tyler is taking more of an experimental route this time. 2. Living Mirage  by The Head and the Heart I first heard about The Head and the Heart from my girlfriend. To say that she loves this band is an understatement. I'll be honest, I wasn't too stoked about this band when I first listened to them. I thought they were okay, but it really wasn't my cup of tea. As time went on, I started to get into them more and more. After listening to the singles from their upcoming

Album Review: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind by Logic

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Whether you are a new or old Logic fan, a lot of people were excited for this project, especially since she hasn’t released an album since 2017’s Everybody. While Confessions of a Dangerous Mind isn’t Logic’s best album, it is definitely a solid one . Let’s start out with the title track, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind . While I did enjoy this song, it sounded like an extra song from Young Sinatra IV. In my opinion, it just didn’t fit the vibe of the album. After that, we go to Homicide , which was another single for the album. The opening of the song... I have no words, it’s awkward and unnecessary. I get Logic is trying to be “funny” or trying to be “the best”, but it just doesn’t fit for this song. The next two songs are Wannabe  and clickbait . Wannabe is a great interlude track that goes straight into Wannabe . I really wanted Wannabe  to be a great track... The beat is good, but the part where he says, "I'd suck a dick j

Three Albums I'm Looking Forward To: 5/10/19

A lot of people ask me, "What is your favorite day of the week?" I always answer with, "Friday, of course!" This may surprise a lot of people because as an educator, I still have to work on Fridays. However, Friday is the main day where musical artists release albums. That alone, to me, is a great reason to LOVE Fridays! To kick it off, here are some albums I am looking forward to this weekend! 1. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind  by Logic Logic has been on a hot streak the past two years. He released two mixtapes in 2018 ( Bobby Tarantino II  and YSIV ) and is set to release his second project of 2019 this Friday. While I wasn't too hype on his first single, Keanu Reeves , his other two singles made up for it. This will mark Logic's sixth album. This also means that we are getting an album, not a mixtape, so there will be a different vibe to it compared to the last two mixtapes he released. However, this will definitely be a release you do NOT want to

You Won't Believe This Co-Headlining Tour

You may have seen it on social media, but there are two popular groups that are co-headlining a tour. What might those two groups be? Blink-182 and Lil Wayne. I had to check the date to make sure it wasn't an April Fool's joke, but let's dive into this. Why this DOESN'T make ANY sense: Need I say more? Lil Wayne and Blink-182 make completely different music. You have a rapper and then a rock/punk band. Besides Lil Wayne releasing Tha Carter V  last year, both Lil Wayne and Blink-182 have been hiding in the shadows in recent years. I doubt this will be a major comeback for either of them, but it will be an interesting combination. Why this DOES make sense: Anyone that was born in the 90s and remembers late 90s/early 2000s music knows who these people are. You grew up on the music, you probably heard them on the radio, your friends might have talked about them, etc. If you ask anyone on the street who these people are, chances are they know who Lil Wayne and B


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