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Album Review: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind by Logic

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Whether you are a new or old Logic fan, a lot of people were excited for this project, especially since she hasn’t released an album since 2017’s Everybody. While Confessions of a Dangerous Mind isn’t Logic’s best album, it is definitely a solid one.

Let’s start out with the title track, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. While I did enjoy this song, it sounded like an extra song from Young Sinatra IV. In my opinion, it just didn’t fit the vibe of the album.

After that, we go to Homicide, which was another single for the album. The opening of the song... I have no words, it’s awkward and unnecessary. I get Logic is trying to be “funny” or trying to be “the best”, but it just doesn’t fit for this song.

The next two songs are Wannabe and clickbait. Wannabe is a great interlude track that goes straight into Wannabe. I really wanted Wannabe to be a great track... The beat is good, but the part where he says, "I'd suck a dick just to prove it ain't that way" just doesn't sound right. I know there has been some beef with another rapper, but he could have gone about it another way.

The next four tracks have just floated past my mind. It was hard to not space out during these songs. They are normal trap beats that you would hear from any artist. They're okay, but I wouldn't expect major popularity from these songs.

I had to check who was featured on the song Icy. If Logic was going for a Childish Gambino voice, he hit it spot on. I love the Childish Gambino like singing in this song. If you have not checked this song out yet, I would advise you do so!

I can't say much about Still Ballin. It was a great Wiz Khalifa feature.

For Cocaine, it seemed like they were using a play of rhymes from King's Dead.

Limitless does not fit the flow of the album in my opinion. Logic is trying to "sing-rap" in this song, while most of the album has been straight rapping. Nice change of scenery, but it does not fit this album whatsoever.

I know I said I didn't like Keanu Reeves much when I said I was looking forward to this album, but this song has grown on me. Probably one of my favorites from this album.

I was really looking forward to the Will Smith feature. I really was, but the message Logic is trying to convey doesn't fit the style of the song. If you have the chance to collaborate with Will Smith, don't ruin it by trying to spread a positive message over an old school hip hop beat.

The last two tracks lead to an amazing end to the album. BOBBY and Lost In Translation closed up all the loose ends, as well as amazing beats.

Overall, this is a solid album, but came with many flaws.
Rating: 6/10
Favorite Tracks: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, Icy, Keanu Reeves, BOBBY


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