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Album Review: Flamagra by Flying Lotus

After a long wait, Flying Lotus returns with his sixth album, Flamagra. Flying Lotus is a California based producer/songwriter.

The opening track of the album is Heroes. The track has this grand opening talking about how the world has changed and that the world needs heroes now. Also, if you are a fan of the Dragonball series, there is a feature from there. A lot of beautiful instruments used in the very first track, with some jazz influences.

Post Requisite is another beautiful track off the album, however, there aren't any lyrics to this song. A lot of electronic loops he juggles between, but I really love the bass line on this track.

Heroes in a Half Shell jumps back to the theme of heroes. This track really feels like something you'd find on his previous album, You're Dead! The arpeggios from a guitar I believe, really stick out throughout this track.

I was really surprised when I heard More on the album. When the music video was released, we didn't get the full album version, we just got a shorter version, which featured Anderson .Paak as a robot. The song focuses on the theme of ego. "There's gotta be more to life than myself" is saying that life doesn't revolve around one person. You have to think about others and not just think about yourself all the time.

Capillaries is another instrumental track. There is a synth in the song that I assume is supposed to imitate a "lub-dub" of a heart beating, since capillaries has to do with your circulatory system.

The next song is Burning Down The House. The person is considering burning down a house. They contemplate saying they know better not to, but they decide to burn down the house anyways. He also says that he knows something that "they" don't know, which may be the heroes that are talked about at the beginning of the album.

Spontaneous is a short song featuring Little Dragon. The song talks about falling in love with someone for the first time.

Takashi is a near six minute instrumental. Starts off with a groovy bass line, and then starts to speed up throughout the six minute duration of the song. When the synth kicks in, that's where it really starts to speed up.

The next two of the tracks, Pilgrim Side Eye and All Spies have a retro feeling to it. Whenever I hear those songs, it sounds like I'm listening to a retro video game soundtrack, or even better, playing a retro video game. Just listening to it makes me want to go find my Sega Genesis!

Yellow Belly ties into the last song since there are parts in the song where she's asking if this guy is a spy. However, the song does take a dark, sexual turn during the second verse. It's totally unexpected, but you really don't know what to expect when it comes to FlyLo.

I'm really glad there was a Denzel Curry feature on this album. The beat from Black Balloons Reprise fits Denzel Curry perfectly. Denzel talks about plenty of different things, such as pain, upset about the president (of the United States), and depression. This song is supposed to be a sequel to his song BLACK BALLOONS, and the prequel to THE BLACKEST BALLOON.

The next track, Fire Is Coming, has an eerie feeling to it. David Lynch, a film director, has a whole spoken verse. He's describing which seems to be a fire coming towards this house, that FlyLo has painted throughout the album. The song gets creepier every time David Lynch repeats, "Fire is coming!"

After the thrilling, Fire Is Coming track, we have Inside Your Home, which has a smooth jazz feeling to it. Unfortunately it's another short track, which is about a minute and a half.

Next, we have an amazing feature from Shabazz Palaces on Actually Virtual. My only complaint on this track is that the percussion-like instrument in the background is a little overpowering. It is louder than the vocals and makes it harder to hear what the artist is trying to say.

Andromeda is another smooth jazz like track. I love the percussion in this track, especially since it's not overpowering. The guitar touch is a nice addition to this track as well!

Remind U has a nice relaxing feeling to it. This is the type of track you would want to drive to at night, if you love driving through the city, or even the country, during the night. The track has a spacey, atmospheric touch to it.

If you know anything about Flying Lotus, you know that he has A LOT of instrumental tracks; Say Something is another one. However, this track is a little different compared to the other instrumental tracks. This track is like an old-time waltz. All there are in the track are strings and pianos.

Debbie Is Depressed is about this girl, who I assume FlyLo is friends with, and he's noticed that she doesn't look the same. All the days just roll into one another, and she doesn't want to do anything. If you've ever felt depressed, or are dealing with depression, you really don't want to do anything and just stay inside.

According to an unreviewed source, Find Your Own Way Home is a tribute to the late Mac Miller. It's a beautiful piece with some amazing background vocals. The vocals aren't saying anything, but it is just a soft "Oh" sound.

The next song is The Climb. The first verse talks about how when you try to achieve something, there is always something in the way that will try to get you to quit. However, you must persevere and get through it. Don't let the negative thoughts or people get to you.

Pygmy is another instrumental track on this album. I haven't found anything that stands out too much to me on this track.

Just like the track that features Denzel Curry, 9 Carrots fits for Toro y Moi perfectly. Even though its "carrots", I believe FlyLo meant for it to be interpreted as "karat", which has to do with jewelry. The woman Toro y Moi is talking to believes that she isn't good enough for it, and he doesn't want her to give this love away to someone else.

FF4 is a bass heavy, groovy instrumental track. Honestly, it would have been nice to have Captain Murphy, FlyLo's side project, rap over this track. It has been awhile since we heard a project from Captain Murphy, so maybe FlyLo has something in the works for that.

The last track has a harsh stop and flows into Land of Honey. The land they are describing here is a wonderful, vibrant land, with plenty of happiness. However, this person fell from this land, meaning they are somewhere dark now, and of course, there is fire in the place that they went to.

Thank U Malcolm is the last instrumental track of the album. Just like Find Your Own Way Home, this is another tribute to the late Mac Miller. It seemed like FlyLo and Mac Miller had a really close bond together.

We have finally arrived to the last track of the album, Hot Oct. If you have Spotify, you will see a picture of the credits of people who were featured on this album. This track draws on the concept of fire that was carried on throughout the album. This fire that FlyLo talks about is infinite and it never dies.

If you would like to purchase the vinyl or digital download, check the links below!

What did you think of the album? What were some of your favorite tracks? Let me know in the comments!
Rating: 9/10
Favorite Tracks: Heroes, More, Black Balloons Reprise, Remind U, 9 Carrots


  1. Really love how passionate you are about this music, I love finding albums and bands I can fall in love with. I'm sending you all of my love! 🌸💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

  2. I love finding new music! I'm bookmarking this page to look back when I need something different to listen to. :)


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