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Album Review: Here Comes The Cowboy by Mac DeMarco

Here Comes The Cowboy marks Mac DeMarco's fourth, full-length album, right after This Old Dog. This album is stripped back in terms of sound. However, Mac DeMarco seems to dive deeper into more mature topics, rather than this silly, up-beat humor.

Starting off with the title track, it is very repetitive, and sets the tone for a very different album. I noticed that there isn't much in terms of instruments as well as vocals. The track does transition well into the next track, Nobody. This is a personal favorite of mine, even though it was a single for the album. It does bring back a small sense of the sound he was known for, that "jizz jazz", as Mac DeMarco would call it.

Moving onto Finally Alone, the pace does speed up a little bit. However, there isn't too much for me to say at this point.

Little Dogs March is another great song, however, is it a B-side to This Old Dog? The theme seems similar to that album, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was originally a B-side song.

With Preoccupied, it seems like a song that Bibio would produce. The guitar riffs sound fairly familiar to something from A Mineral Love.

We have finally arrived to a true Mac throwback song, Choo Choo. A very weird and silly song to show people how he embraces his weirdness and quirkiness. However, afterwards he moves on the song K, which moves back to his slowed down, mellow self.

The next two songs are another great selection from the album. These two songs being Heart To Heart and Hey Cowgirl. According to Mac DeMarco, Heart To Heart is a tribute to the late Mac Miller. After Heart To Heart,we get a little more upbeat song called Hey Cowgirl. Mac is talking about a girl who lives on a farm and asks her to try out the city life with him.

Mac DeMarco finally moves back to the slow mellow vibe of the album with On the Square. With the line "Live a life that isn't there", it seems like he is saying that people tend to live a fake life, or live a life where they're pretending to be someone they are not. It could also mean that they aren't living life to their full potential.

All of Our Yesterdays reminds me of a classic Mac DeMarco song which is why this is my favorite song off the album. This songs is talking about how we shouldn't dwell on the past and that we should focus on the future. Just because something didn't happen yesterday doesn't mean it won't happen. You just have to push further and keep trying harder.

The next song, Skyless Moon, seems to focus on the topic of changes. The first verse is talking about how seasons change so fast. One second it can be spring, and then by no time, it is fall (autumn). With the second verse, it seems like Baby Blue refers to an old lover of Mac's, and that both of them have changed too much.

The last song of the album is Baby Bye Bye, and there are three different parts to the song. The first part is a classic piano line with Mac DeMarco accepting that his love isn't coming back for him. For the second part, the piano cuts out for a little bit and he just repeats the phrase, "Bye bye, baby, baby bye bye". Then, when you think the album is over, Mac DeMarco comes back with an ecstatic "YEEHAW!" Just a fun little way to end the album in my opinion.

Review: 7/10
Favorite Tracks: Nobody, Little Dogs March, All of Our Yesterdays, Baby Bye Bye

In the comment section, let me know what you thought of the album! What were some of your favorite songs from the album?


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