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Album Review: Injury Reserve by Injury Reserve

 Injury Reserve is the self-titled debut album from Injury Reserve and was released on May 17, 2019. Injury Reserve is a hip-hop trio from Tempe, Arizona. This was a powerful album and a great commercial release for this group.

The album opens up with the banger, Koruna & Lime and was the third single released from this album. The title of the song refers to the drink, Corona, with a lime. I especially love Ritchie with a T's verse because he mentions "spazz rap", which was referenced in another song, Oh Shit!!! Overall, this is a solid start to the album.

The next track, Jawbreaker, features Rico Nasty and PRO TEENS. Jawbreaker was the first single from this album. I was never too big on this song since it seemed like a long interlude to me since Ritchie with a T has a long dialogue in the beginning. However, I do enjoy the end of the song where they imported a live recording from a concert and had the crowd chant the chorus.

This next song is a banger, thanks to Baltimore rapper, JPEGMAFIA. After JPEGMAFIA opens up in GTFU, Cakes Da Killa comes in with a fire filled verse. The song does take a change of pace halfway through, but ends with JPEGMAFIA's high energy.

QWERTY Interlude is the song that leads into the next song, Jailbreak the Tesla. I was not a big fan of the song at first. However, when I started to look into the lyrics, the nostalgia took over. In high school, if you owned an iPod Touch, or were one of the fortunate ones to own an iPhone, you were automatically cool. If you were brave enough, you jailbroke your iPod and could get almost anything. I was never that brave, but I remember that a few of my friends ended up doing that with their iPod Touch. But overall, confirmed banger.

I wasn't too big on Gravy n' Biscuits. It's a fun, quick song, but just doesn't mix well with the tone of the album. I get it, artists want to make fun songs that don't have much meaning to it, but it just doesn't mesh well in my opinion.

I love Rap Song Tutorial, but my only complaint is that it is too short. I would have loved if the song was an introduction to a different song. It has a great hook and catchy verse, but had so much more potential.

I am so amazed and happy that Freddie Gibbs was featured on this album. Freddie Gibbs brings his signature style to the song Wax On. Also, if you are a fan of the movie, The Karate Kid, you should like the reference in this song!

What a Year It's Been is a song and reflection for the band for the past year. They mentioned that they had ups, but also had their bad moments. Some of the members struggled with addiction, loss of motivation, depression, hurting loved ones, and so much more. Also, this song features a song from A Silver Mt. Zion.

Hello?! is a short interlude song towards the end of the album. The song talks about selective hearing, as I like to call it. People only hear what they want and try to twist the words of others into their own meaning.

Best Spot in the House has an interesting and unique beat. I love the synth in this track. It's a very high pitched synth and adds an eerie/mysterious vibe to the song. The beginning of the song, Ritchie with a T says he feels bad when fans say that their music helped them through a hard time. He rapped a few lines about a dead friend before, and he feels guilty since he didn't even attend the funeral.

New Hawaii is the second to last song off the album. I'm not that much of a fan of this song, even though there is a feature from DRAM. The song seems to be about some girl that Ritchie with a T is in love with, or has feelings for.

The last song off the album is my favorite! Three Man Weave just has this perfect jazz sample, and sounds like something MF DOOM would produce. The song title refers to a basketball drill, and there are several references to basketball throughout the song. Three Man Weave could also refer to the connection that the three of the band members have.

Check the link below to purchase the album!

Rating: 9/10
Favorite Songs: Koruna & Lime, Jailbreak the Tesla, Three Man Weave


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