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Album Review: Living Mirage by The Head and the Heart

Living Mirage is The Head and the Heart's fourth album and was released on May 17, 2019. The Head and the Heart are an indie folk/rock band based out of Seattle. When listening to this record, it was very easy on the ears and has a lot of potential to make it into the mainstream media.

The first song off the album, See You Trough My Eyes, starts off very slow and quiet "Oh" at the beginning. From there, it gradually builds up into a wide array of instruments. With the lyrics, "Until you learn to love yourself, the door is locked to someone else", it seems as if this person is in a relationship with someone. The person isn't fully committed because they are still in a place of questioning themselves. However, the person's partner sees who they are truly are, and wish they could see what he/she is truly worth.

The next song, Missed Connection, is one of my favorites. It is full of energy and a powerful chorus. With the "La la" section, and the chorus, it actually reminds me of another song, a song by the band Portugal. The Man. That song? Someday Believers. Yes, the song does start off with a guitar, but when the "Na na" section comes in, it's reminiscent of this song, and the chorus speaks some volume as well. A lot of people probably won't see the Missed Connection, but just something I heard... Okay, I'll stop with the dad jokes.

I wasn't too big on the song, People Need A Melody. It's still growing on me, but other than that, not too big on this song. It has a great message though to not be stuck in the past because time moves fast. Live every moment like it is your last.

Honeybee is my absolute favorite from this album. Do I need to explain any more? It's a beautiful love song.

I'm not too big on the sound of Brenda, but I do love the lyrics. It seems like this person knows the relationship is ending, but he/she is in denial, or doesn't exactly know how to let go of the relationship. I'm sure most of us have had a relationship where you know it's over, but you just don't what to say or how to end it.

The next song, Running Through Hell, is a fun song that they threw into the album. I love the chorus, but when I listen to this album with my girlfriend, I can't help but wonder, what does he mean by he got in trouble with the boys again? The world may never know.

After Running Through Hell, we get to Up Against The Wall. The song talks about loneliness and at our lowest points in life, we feel like there's no one there for us. However, at the end of the day, you know there will always be someone there for you.

Saving Grace is the eighth track from the album. It is such a simple song instrumentally, but it is beautiful. This person is looking for help to find their saving grace, whatever that might be.

The next track on the album is I Found Out. I love the harmonization on this song, especially during the chorus. Sometimes love comes unexpectedly, and you might find it somewhere where you weren't even expecting it from.

The second to last song on the alum is the title track, Living Mirage. The songs slowly builds up to this grand moment, and then slowly goes back to a calm moment.

The last song of the album is Glory of Music. I honestly was not a huge fan of this song. It felt like an extra, or B-side song to the album. Not a bad song, just not my cup of tea.

What did you think of this album? Let me know in the comments!
If you are a vinyl collector, pick it up below!

Rating: 8.5/10
Favorite Songs: Missed Connection, Honeybee, Running Through Hell, I Found Out


  1. Wow! The way you wrote that I felt like I could hear the music although I've never heard the album..great job!

    1. Thank you! Still new to reviewing music like this, but I appreciate the kind words!


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