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Album Review: Late Night Feelings by Mark Ronson

This post is sponsored by Skillshare. Get two free months by clicking the link above! Learn a new skill or hobby by watching the online courses! There is also a free option that gives you access to plenty of content. Join today to start learning!  Mark Ronson is a singer and producer who is based out of the UK. Late Night Feelings marks Ronson's fifth studio album and was released on June 21, 2019. While a problem I find with a lot of producers is finding artists with similar music styles, Ronson does a perfect job with finding the artists for the album. The first track off the album is Late Night Prelude , which is an introduction to Late Night Feelings . The prelude is filled with a large string section that starts to set the chorus for Late Night Feelings . The prelude gives us a small taste of what's to come. The actual track takes away the string section and adds more of an electronic feel to it. The chorus does have a nice groove to it. The track coul

Albums I'm Looking Forward To: 6/28/19

With June coming to a close, we have some pretty great albums coming up for the end of the month! Keep on reading to find some new music that is going to be released this weekend! 1. ANIMA by Thom Yorke June has been an interesting month for Thom Yorke. First, one of his storage devices for old Radiohead media was stolen and the person who stole it decided to blackmail them. The storage device contained demos and b-sides around the OK Computer era. Second, Thom Yorke is releasing a solo album AND a Netflix one-reeler. While it is debuting on Thursday, I felt like I had to include it in this list. A lot of these tracks have been debuted at concerts, but never had a physical release. While it might be more of a b-side album, Thom Yorke has released a lot of promising albums in the past. 2. Bandana by Freddie Gibbs & Madlib   Freddie Gibbs had an eventful 2018, with releases such as Freddie and the collaboration project, Fetti . Now, in 2019, he is collaborating with an

Is This the Fall of Streaming Giant Spotify?

Applications. I'm sure anyone with a smart phone has heard this term one time or another. You might even be using an application on your phone at this exact moment! With the ever changing world of technology, mobile applications are a huge thing right now and a lot of companies are trying to get into this trend. However, since technology is changing, applications need to change as well. Spotify is a music streaming company that opened their doors in 2006. It wouldn't be until 2008 when they would open their doors for people to join the streaming service. One thing that separates Spotify from so many other companies is that they offer a 'freemium' service to those who do not want to pay. What this means is that they can still access a lot of their music, but they have to listen to ads every so often. Also, they do not get access to all of the features that paid members have, such as downloading music for offline use. In 2009, Spotify opened up public registration,

Album Review: 7 by Lil Nas X

 Lil Nas X is a singer, rapper, and songwriter who is based out of Atlanta. 7 marks Lil Nas X's first EP after his claim to fame from Old Town Road . While this is his first major release, it seems messy with several different genres of music intertwined. The first track off the EP, as you may have guessed, is Old Town Road - Remix . After the original Old Town Road was taken off the country charts for not being "country enough", Billy Ray Cyrus decided to help Lil Nas X out by creating a remix. This is arguably one of the hottest songs currently in the music scene, but I do see this trend dying out after the summer. I am surprised to see the remix version as the first track on the album since his original song gained a lot of popularity on social media platforms, such as TikTok. However, since the song has been around for a while, more people are starting to notice Lil Nas X. I am assuming this was a marketing strategy from his record label. As I was expecting, P

Albums I'm Looking Forward To: 6/21/19

Hello readers! It's Wednesday and you know what that means... A list of albums I'm excited for this weekend! We have a great selection of albums so keep on reading. I also want to apologize because Two Door Cinema Club delayed their album release, so they will be releasing their new album this Friday! 1. 7 by Lil Nas X The Old Town Road guy? Yeah, you heard that right. After his claim to fame with the infamous, Old Town Road track, he is finally dropping an EP this Friday. With a mysterious track list, it will be interesting to see if he is going to continue with his country rap style, or just completely go with country or rap. Who knows, this EP might have him doing an elementary tour this upcoming school season. Just kidding. If you don't know what I'm talking about, he performed Old Town Road at an elementary school a few weeks back. Check out one of the singles from his upcoming EP, Old Town Road (Remix) . 2. Help Us Stranger by The

Album Review: Jinx by Crumb

 Crumb is an indie rock band that formed in 2016 and is composed of four different members. They are based out of Boston, Massachusetts and after two EPs, they finally released their first studio album, Jinx . Just under two minutes long, the first track of the album is Cracking . It opens up with an eerie, organ-like sound. It keeps a fairly simplistic, but catchy beat throughout the entire song, with trumpet improv towards the end of the song. Also, you have nice, soothing, female vocal throughout this song, and for the rest of the album. The next song is Nina . If you've ever listened to one of those "Lo-Fi Chill Study Music" channels on YouTube, I would imagine that this song would be on there. The first few seconds make it seem like you are listening to some chill hop song. There a lot of jazz-like elements infused in this song. Throughout the song, the singer seems to be talking about this girl named Lee, and how she's lying to the people around her.

Album Review: Years to Burn by Calexico and Iron & Wine

 Years to Burn is a collaboration album between Calexico and Iron & Wine. Calexico is an indie rock band based out of Tucson, Arizona and Iron & Wine, or Sam Beam, is a singer and songwriter based out of North Carolina. The album is only 8 songs long, but it is packed with a lot to offer. The firs track off of the record is What Heaven's Left . The track slowly builds up from the beginning, starting with a few guitars and string instruments. For the last minute and a half of the track, you have trumpets taking turns improvising. The song talks about this girl or lover he is with. No matter what point he is at in life, she will always be there for him and believes in him. The next song and second single from their album is Midnight Sun . There is a strong country influence on this track, especially since this album was recorded in Tennessee. However, there is a great guitar solo after the third verse. The song is talking about this woman who appeared and she had a gui

Spotlight Thursdays: Ibrahim

Hello and welcome to a new segment on my blog called "Spotlight Thursdays"! The purpose of this segment is to give exposure to artists who are new or do not have that much of a social following. With the digital age of the internet and changing atmosphere of music, almost anyone can create and upload music on the internet. However, a lot of artists go unknown, even if they put out quality music content. If you like this type of content, please let me know and get in contact with me if you would like to be featured on this segment! For the first Spotlight Thursday, I would like to introduce Ibrahim. I reached out to him through Twitter after checking out a few of his songs on Spotify and SoundCloud. I found out about Ibrahim through another music critic. For this section, I asked Ibrahim a set of six questions and these are the responses I received from him. Tell me a little about yourself. What is the name of your band and how would you describe

Albums I'm Looking Forward To: 6/14/19

Here we are again, the day of the week where I go over the albums I'm excited for this weekend. As always, check out the list I came up with below! 1. Doom Days by Bastille Bastille came to fame with their single, Pompeii, back in 2013. While I didn't care for the rest of their album, or even check out their 2016 album, I'm excited to see what they have to put out. Their 2016 album charted at #1 on the U.K. album charts, and I heard the album is going to contain a lot of synth pop songs. Nonetheless, this definitely will be one of my first albums to check out this weekend. Check out the title track of the album, Doom Days, below! 2. Years To Burn by Calexico and Iron & Wine While I haven't checked out anything from Calexico, I am definitely an Iron & Wine fan. They dropped an amazing EP last year called Weed Garden. And who can forgot about their album in 2004, Our Endless Numbered Days? If you like mellow, acoustic guitar with a s

Album Review: Last Call for Dreamers by The Lowdown Drifters

The Lowdown Drifters are a band that mixes country, folk, and rock music. They are based out of Washington (state) and formed around four years ago. Last Call for Dreamers marks their second studio album. The first track and one of their singles, Red Rock , gives us a breath of fresh air. This isn't your typical 'pop country' that you will hear on the radio, this is your original country sound, with a little bit of rock thrown in there. Towards the last minute of the song, just when you think the song is over, the band gives us a surprise with a pretty killer guitar solo. This is a strong start to the album and you definitely do not want to miss out on this track. The next track off the album is We Three Kings . This song talks about paying homage to your hometown, even if you're from a small town. If you end up moving on, you will be known in that town and you should always remember where your roots are from. Another positive, great guitar solo again!

Album Review: Arrival by Through The Roots

 Through The Roots is an American reggae band that formed in 2008 in San Diego, California. Arrival is the bands second studio album and has a lot to offer for this American reggae band. The album starts off with the song, Come Home . Starts off with a slow, sweet acoustic guitar. As beautiful as the sound is, it's not a tune I would consider using as the opener of an album. A great song about counting down the days until this guy can see his girl again, but I think they could have chose a more "explosive" song to start off the album. The next track, You + Me would have been a better opener, and it is a great track. This is about a bad situation, but the guy wants to make it right by just ignoring the situation. Sometimes ignoring the situation can help in some circumstances. He knows that the two of them love each other so he just wants to drop the argument and move on from it. Catch a Flight is going to be your typical, groovy, reggae type song. It's a so

Album Review: Happiness Begins by Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are a pop/rock band that formed back in 2005. After nearly a 6 year hiatus, they have released their fifth studio album, Happiness Begins . Sucker was the first single released for the album. After hearing this song, I was actually excited about the Jonas Brothers reuniting. I was never a fan of them when I was in middle school and high school, but I knew I had to give this new album a listen. I actually really enjoyed the first track and it hooked me into the album right away. It's a high energy pop song, something that will definitely gather some air time on the radio. This is a typical love song, where this person loves someone else greatly, and they would do anything for them. The Jonas Brothers might be referring to their wives since all three of them are married. Cool  was the second single released for the album. This song wasn't one of my favorite when first released, but it is growing on me. It opens up with a slow acoustic guitar, and then a d

Albums I'm Looking Forward To: 6/7/19

It is the first FULL week in June and that means we have our first week of June albums! That means summer vibes and fun music! Let's dive into the albums I'm looking forward to this weekend! 1. Happiness Begins  by Jonas Brothers Yes, you read that correctly. The Jonas Brothers are back! You might have seen a few videos and posts circulating around social media that they have reunited; you might have heard a recent single from them. Here they are, releasing a brand new album, ten years after their previous studio album, Lines, Vines and Trying Times .   When the Jonas Brothers split, most of the Jonas brothers were kept busy with other music projects, so they weren't completely out of the music scene. It will be interesting to see how they have changed over the last ten years! Check out one of their singles off the new album, Sucker . 2. Organic  by Casey Veggies Casey Veggies was one of the founding members of the now defunct, Odd Future, which was a hip hop coll

Album Review: Ignorance Is Bliss by Skepta

Skepta is a British singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer from North London. Ignorance Is Bliss is his fifth studio album and was released on May 31, 2019. The first track from the album, Bullet From A Gun , was the second single released from his album. Skepta albums normally don’t have an introduction track, he just opens the album up and gets straight to the point. However, Skepta said that he felt an introduction track was needed for this album. In the chorus of the song, he describes heartbreak as being shot from a gun. The chorus of the song could refer to this ex-girlfriend. He realized that she was just using him and it hurt him, just like someone who was shot with a gun. The next track, Greaze Mode , was another single that was released before the album dropped. The chorus of the track features another British artist, Nate Smallz. Moving on from the last track, you can tell that Skepta is over his ex-girlfriend and he’s ready to move on. Now that he’s single,