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Album Review: 7 by Lil Nas X

 Lil Nas X is a singer, rapper, and songwriter who is based out of Atlanta. 7 marks Lil Nas X's first EP after his claim to fame from Old Town Road. While this is his first major release, it seems messy with several different genres of music intertwined.

The first track off the EP, as you may have guessed, is Old Town Road - Remix. After the original Old Town Road was taken off the country charts for not being "country enough", Billy Ray Cyrus decided to help Lil Nas X out by creating a remix. This is arguably one of the hottest songs currently in the music scene, but I do see this trend dying out after the summer. I am surprised to see the remix version as the first track on the album since his original song gained a lot of popularity on social media platforms, such as TikTok. However, since the song has been around for a while, more people are starting to notice Lil Nas X. I am assuming this was a marketing strategy from his record label.

As I was expecting, Panini is a rap/hip-hop song. This was another single he dropped for the album, but I held off on listening to it until the EP dropped. While it is completely different than his hit, Old Town Road, it is pretty catchy. I really enjoy the chorus of the track. Lil Nas X actually credits Nirvana on this track. The chorus is supposed to sound like the melody from Nirvana's In Bloom. While I don't see the correlation between the two songs, it is a great and catchy track.

The next track, F9mily (You & Me) completely threw me off with it's quick and quirky guitar in the beginning. For whatever reason, I am getting an early 2000s music vibe. This reminds me of an early Smash Mouth song. While being completely different, it does have a positive message for today's society. With so many broken families, he realizes that people need to fix this situation.

In Kick It, Lil Nas X explores his singing abilities. In this song, he's trying to convince this person to come hang out, or Kick It with him. There is also a small trumpet/horn interlude in the middle of the track. Overall, I wasn't too thrilled with this track.
With Rodeo, Lil Nas X takes us back to the country trap style music. While a lot of people dislike Lil Nas X trying to sing country, I think he does a pretty great job at it, especially since country trap is a developing genre of music. There is a Cardi B feature on here and from my experience, it does not mix well with the rest of the song. Despite Cardi B, Lil Nas X makes this track catchy.

Next up we have Bring U Down. For this song, Lil Nas X was able to get the leader singer from OneRepublic, Ryan Tedder. This seems more like a pop/rock song than a country or rap song. Ryan Tedder also has a pretty cool guitar solo in the middle of the song.

Lil Nas X slows it down with C7osure (You Like). Again, this is another track that doesn't feel like it relates to any of the other tracks off the EP. I'm glad that Lil Nas X is exploring different genres of music and making the music that he wants, but the flow of the EP is thrown off when all of these different genres are tied together.

To tie off the EP, Lil Nas X puts the original version of Old Town Road. As stated above, the original version charted on the Billboard chart for country, but was taken off due to not having enough country elements.

If you enjoyed this album, consider purchasing it below!

What did you think of the album? What were some of your favorite tracks off the album? Let me know in the comments section!
Overall Rating: 5/10
Favorite Tracks: Old Town Road, Panini, Rodeo


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