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Album Review: Jinx by Crumb

 Crumb is an indie rock band that formed in 2016 and is composed of four different members. They are based out of Boston, Massachusetts and after two EPs, they finally released their first studio album, Jinx.

Just under two minutes long, the first track of the album is Cracking. It opens up with an eerie, organ-like sound. It keeps a fairly simplistic, but catchy beat throughout the entire song, with trumpet improv towards the end of the song. Also, you have nice, soothing, female vocal throughout this song, and for the rest of the album.

The next song is Nina. If you've ever listened to one of those "Lo-Fi Chill Study Music" channels on YouTube, I would imagine that this song would be on there. The first few seconds make it seem like you are listening to some chill hop song. There a lot of jazz-like elements infused in this song. Throughout the song, the singer seems to be talking about this girl named Lee, and how she's lying to the people around her.

Ghostride is a turn of events; a little more bright, but still slow and melodic. The song is talking about a car ride, a LONG car ride. Usually when you're in the car for a long time, you'll get bored within an hour, maybe even sooner if you don't like sitting in the car. Also, at the beginning of the second verse, she says it's a lazy day and she's hungry. I can easily attest to this. When you're a passenger during a trip, it will be a lazy day, and if you didn't bring snacks, you might catch yourself thinking about food, just to get out of the car and stretch a little bit.

After that, we get to Fall Down. I love the simple two chord synths that you hear throughout the song. Judging from the lyrics, there is a lot of suggestive content that is happening throughout. She is in love with this person, and when she wants what she wants, she tells her partner that it will be quick.

M.R. is probably my favorite track off the album. The first twenty seconds is just random noises, slowly growing louder. After that's over, it opens up with a gloomy sounding guitar and vocals. The chorus part is amazing. Spacey, atmospheric, with arpeggios from the synths, can't express how much I love that part of the song. However, the song tackles a deep issue, and it's about this girl who is taking this man home, and for the most part, it is not going well.

The halfway point of the album is The Letter. I felt like this was a quick interlude track on the album. The bass is definitely a prominent part of this song, a little different than the other songs since there aren't that many synth parts and isn't overly complex, instrumental wise.

Part III actually only has two parts to the track. The first part has a running baseline that is pretty catchy. Halfway through the song, you just hear a guitar come in and everything else cuts out. It gradually grows in instrumentation, but you can hear the faint guitar keep up it's lick throughout the track.

And It Never Ends is the next track off the album. This song is very spacey and has a lot of reverb. The singer talks about how the city is dense and she doesn't like it. The singer also repeats, "and it never ends." That could refer to large cities being massive and it just keeps going on when you're driving throughout the city.

Next up, we have Faces. The singer is talking about this guy that she has fell in love with. However, she isn't able to be with this guy, which is why she states, "it makes me so mad." That's why Faces is about people she'll see, but never be able to be with.

The last track and title track of the album is Jinx. With this last track, we go back to a groovy, dark, synth sound. The album eventually fades off with the words, "don't take me with you." There's also a short guitar solo at the end.

If you liked the album, consider purchasing it digitally or on vinyl!

What did you think of the album? What were some of your favorite tracks? Let me know in the comments section!
Rating: 9/10
Favorite Songs: Nina, M.R., And It Never Ends


  1. I love this kind of music. I definetly will check them out.


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