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Album Review: Last Call for Dreamers by The Lowdown Drifters

The Lowdown Drifters are a band that mixes country, folk, and rock music. They are based out of Washington (state) and formed around four years ago. Last Call for Dreamers marks their second studio album.

The first track and one of their singles, Red Rock, gives us a breath of fresh air. This isn't your typical 'pop country' that you will hear on the radio, this is your original country sound, with a little bit of rock thrown in there. Towards the last minute of the song, just when you think the song is over, the band gives us a surprise with a pretty killer guitar solo. This is a strong start to the album and you definitely do not want to miss out on this track.

The next track off the album is We Three Kings. This song talks about paying homage to your hometown, even if you're from a small town. If you end up moving on, you will be known in that town and you should always remember where your roots are from. Another positive, great guitar solo again!

Won't Find Me Anymore is their big hit single and has been sent to several country radio stations throughout the United States. Compared to the other two songs on the album, this is their most loud and outgoing song. There are so many instrument layers that overlap, but fit together well. This is definitely my favorite song off the album and will definitely lift these guys up into the mainstream.

Last Night in Denver takes us back to a more classic country/folk sound. The song talks about the struggles of being an artist. When you're a new artist, you won't have that many fans. You'll have a few dedicated friends and family members who support the band, and they'll say you're doing great, but they haven't gathered much traction. In the end, the artist said that they have to sleep in the car since they don't have enough money from the small appearance at their show.

After that, we take a slower turn to Fire in Her Eyes. It's a very simplistic song in terms of instrumentation, especially during the verses. The lead singer talks about this girl and talks about her strengths as well as her flaws.

Diesel Smoke is another energy fueled up track, especially with the guitar riffs at the beginning of the song. Throughout the song, he references that he has diesel smoke in his blood. There's people throughout this song that want to see him, but he says he has a fever, and that's diesel smoke in his blood.

The next song, Diamonds and Rust, talks about the struggles in life. The singer says that life will always get harder as you grow up. Even though there is "rust" on this metaphorical diamond, it is still a diamond and you still remain the same person. No mater how hard life gets, you are still the same person and nothing will change that.

Between the Bottom and the Bottle talks about the struggle of addiction. The singer thinks that there is no one else, and the only "person" he can talk to, is the bottle, which could refer to an alcoholic beverage. Addiction isn't an easy thing, and if you are struggling, there are several places that will be able to help you.

After the last song, This Old House talks about another hard topic. This song talks about a divorce or a break up. The wife in this song left her wedding ring on the sink, and the guy is reminiscing of old memories that they had in the house. Since there are old memories in this house, he thinks it would just be better to burn the house down.

Next, we have Black Hat. When the guy wears this black hat, this girl thinks this guy is perfect. He's a good guy but also has a bad side to him. He said he'd wear the black hat just for that girl for the night.

If there is a stereotypical country song, the beginning of Barstools would describe it perfectly. The instrumentation is what you would expect in an original country song. This song could refer to karaoke at a bar or even a small concert that you would attend at a bar.

The Road talks about how this guy could have been with this girl, however he chose the road. That could mean he chose touring and music over her, or just drove around the country too much that he wasn't around much to see this girl. He cared about her, however she never saw that since he was always on the road.

The last track of the album is Empty Bottles. Whenever he is done with a bottle, he decides to open up another one. This could be a new classic drinking song that you would hear at a country bar.

If you would like to purchase the album, check the link below!

What did you think of the album? What were some of your favorite tracks off the album? Let me know in the comments section!

Overall Rating: 8/10
Favorite Tracks: Won't Find Me Anymore, Diesel Smoke


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