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Album Review: Late Night Feelings by Mark Ronson

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 Mark Ronson is a singer and producer who is based out of the UK. Late Night Feelings marks Ronson's fifth studio album and was released on June 21, 2019. While a problem I find with a lot of producers is finding artists with similar music styles, Ronson does a perfect job with finding the artists for the album.

The first track off the album is Late Night Prelude, which is an introduction to Late Night Feelings. The prelude is filled with a large string section that starts to set the chorus for Late Night Feelings. The prelude gives us a small taste of what's to come. The actual track takes away the string section and adds more of an electronic feel to it. The chorus does have a nice groove to it. The track could refer to people hooking up at night. Sometimes at night, especially if you spent a night out drinking, you might feel a little risque and have some 'temporary feelings' for someone. However, by the time morning comes, you might end up disappointed.

Find U Again is the next track and features Camila Cabello. I love the electronic accompaniment that's going on during the chorus. During this song, she's been trying to forget about this one guy by trying to find someone new. However, all of these new guys don't compare to that one special person she is talking about. This could refer to a break up or someone she had a brief fling with, and she was never able to find that person again.

After that we have Pieces of Us. During the song, the girl singing keeps reminding the guy that no matter what happened to them and no matter how it ended, there will still be pieces of them that remain. Even if it ended horribly, there are still remnants that will remain.

These next three tracks feature YEBBA. The first one is a short interlude-like track called Knock Knock Knock. The next track she's in is Don't Leave Me Lonely. This has a nice piano backing behind the track. She basically says she'll be upset if this guy ends up leaving her tonight. The last track with YEBBA is When U Went Away. It 's a slow groovy tune and seems to be a response to the last song. She says that she is going to be alright without this guy.

The next track, Truth starts with an eerie, buzzing background noise. After each verse, the tone of the song completely changes and has a more up-beat piano and drum part during the chorus. It seems like these ladies will do anything to keep them in a great and happy mood. That probably describes the more happy, cheerful chorus.

The next track, Nothing Breaks Like a Heart has a country inspiration to it. Who better than to have Miley Cyrus on this track? This song tackles the topic of love, like most of the songs on here, but tells us how fragile love can be. Just because you think you're secure and in love with someone, it can be ripped in a matter of seconds.

The next track and longest track of the album is True Blue. This song has an 80s pop, love song vibe to it. This girl was falling in love with this guy. However, when it was over, he didn't feel the same way for her. This could mean that he led her on, or he just wasn't able to get the same feeling out of it as she did.

Why Hide is a piano-heavy song with a percussion beat in the background. During the chorus, she asks her lover why they have to hide. Judging by that line, it seems like they are trying to hide their relationship from other people. Especially if you're famous, sometimes you try to hide the relationship from others. Also, the bridge could mean that this guy is hiding his emotions from her and he isn't opening up to her. She says it will feel if he just opens up to her.

2 AM has another feature from Lykke Li. This is basically a one night stand after a night out. Even though they are drunk, this girl doesn't want it to be a one night thing. She wants this to be an on going thing and something more. However, usually after a night out, that is the last time these people will ever see each other again.

Spinning is the last track off the album. This track is about this person, and when they are 'spinning' or out of control, they are able to come back to earth or back to their senses with that one special person. That person is basically all they want in life.

If you enjoyed the album, consider purchasing it down below!

What did you think of the album? What were some of your favorite tracks? Let me know down in the comments section!
Overall Rating: 7/10
Favorite Tracks: Late Night Feelings, Find U Again, Truth


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