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Album Review: yes & no by XYLØ

yes & no is XYLØ's second EP of the year and second EP since the departure of Paige Duddy's brother, Chase Duddy. XYLØ is made up of one person, Paige Duddy. She is an American singer and songwriter who resides in Los Angeles, California.

The first track off the EP is the title track, yes & no. This track deals with several topics, such as indecisiveness, fear of missing out, and mixed emotions. The first verse starts off with indecisiveness. She doesn't know if she wants to go out with her friends or if she just wants to stay in and be alone. This can be characterized by the weekend for a lot of people. You can either stay in by yourself, or go out and enjoy the night with your friends. However, if you decide to stay in, you don't know what you will be missing out on. The second verse dives more into the topic of mixed emotions. Sometimes, you just don't know how you're feeling. If you don't feel like you're in a good or happy mood, going out with your friends might not be the option you were looking for. Overall, a great track to kick off the EP.

The second track, ride or die, has an amazing beat. The main topic of the song is love. Whoever this person she is talking about is, she loves that person greatly. Paige Duddy also mentions that she would die for this person. Usually when someone says they will die for you, that means they will do anything for that person. She wants to be with this person for the rest of her life.
Next up and my personal favorite, the end. I love this song, and it gives me an early to mid-2000s Gwen Stefani vibe. Throughout the song, the artist keeps on asking herself if it, "will all be worth it in the end." In the second verse, she talks about taking an airplane somewhere. This could be a reference to moving somewhere new or having to talk to a special person. There are several interpretations you can get from this, but that is one of my favorite things about music!

The fourth track is titled ordinary. Throughout the song, Paige Duddy says she doesn't want to live an ordinary life and wants every day to be different. She even said that she would rather take a scary day or a bad time than living a normal life.

The next track from the EP is bad habit. This song talks about a bad break up. When things weren't looking the best between Duddy and her lover, her lover decided to leave. However, Duddy doesn't think that her lover should just give up on her when they have been together for a while. She believes that fixing something is better than giving up.

The last track, illusion, brings in a piano and a slower beat that will slowly build up over time. This song also seems to talk about a break up, or a break up waiting to happen. The two people in the relationship have had problems and they say they are going to work them out, but according to the rest of the song, that hasn't happened. The perfect life they thought they had was just an illusion, and it isn't as great as what they thought it was.

If you would like to purchase the album, check the link below!

What did you think of the new XYLØ EP? What were some of your favorite songs? Let me know down in the comments section!
Rating: 7.5/10
Favorite Tracks: ride or die, the end


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