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Spotlight Thursdays: Igneous

After a week off from this series, we are back with a new band. This band just formed in September of 2018, but they have a promising future. They have already played a few shows in Iowa and Illinois. For the second installment of 'Spotlight Thursdays', welcome our next guest, Igneous. I reached out to the guitarist, Jared, through Facebook and asked him a selection of questions.
Tell me a little about yourself. What is the name of your band and how would you describe the genre of music that you create?

Jared: My name is Jared and I'm the composer/guitarist for Igneous. My band is composed of Jasmere (Bass), Marshall (Drums), Dalton (Guitar), and myself. We're a four piece instrumental progressive rock band. If you don’t know what prog (Progressive Rock) is, Prog is simply prog. It's music that is progressive or always changing to be simply put.
Where are you based out of?

J: Well we are all scattered around the midwest, mainly the Iowa and Illinois side, but we usually always meet up in the quad cities.
(The quad cities is an area made up of five different cities from Iowa and Illinois.)

Tell me about your latest album/EP. What was the inspiration behind this album? What are your plans for future projects?

J: We haven't put out a full length album or EP yet, but we have plans to. However, we just finished recording a single called "A Summer Breeze". It's a special song for me. It was the first song I composed during my first summer break home after graduating from college. This single is inspired by nature and that is the theme for our first EP. I wrote “A Summer Breeze” in my basement but the main melody was just me humming a little simple tune, then I saw a butterfly flying outside my window on a sunny evening. It seemed to vibe with it so I decided to pull out the guitar and write. I wrote the main melody, riffs, and structure for the song in one sitting which is rare that it kind of just wrote itself. I wrote it out in GP (Guitar Pro) and downloaded it as an mp3, then sent it to Marshall and Jasmere. They wrote their own drum and bass parts then we jammed it and it slapped. We went to a friend named Aaron to record and mix the single and he did an amazing job with it. Our future projects/plans are to just play as many shows as possible, write more music, and to record the EP before the end of the year.
How has music played a role in your life?

J: Music has had a huge impact in my life. I was always around it and my parents played a lot of different genres around the house. My dad would put on a lot of rock, jazz, funk and fusion while my mom was more into motown, disco, and The Beatles. My parents both played instruments growing up but never pursued it. My mom played the clarinet/oboe and my father played the baritone. Also, my sister is a talented vocalist. For myself, I started out with saxophone in 5th grade and then started playing the guitar when I was a freshman in high school. Afterwards, I learned the flute and piano in college. The guitar stuck out most as you can tell.

What is your main driving force when making music?

J: The main driving force for me is honestly knowing that I can put out my emotions and that people want to hear them. I'm an extremely quiet person and I usually don't talk much, but I do have a lot to say. Listening to music is my favorite thing to do because it takes me to another realm, but now I get to tell people how I feel and show everyone what I need to say, so now I get to take them to a different world too which is quite amazing. Plus, there is nothing like getting on stage and performing a song you’ve written. The pure rush of adrenaline, the bond of making music with my brothers, and the vibe that overflows the crowd is electrifying.
What else would you like to let the readers know?

J: I'd love for the viewers to know that their support is needed and that we can’t exist without them! So keep helping your local artist friends. Listen to their music, buy their art, and go to their shows!

Check out their most recent single, A Summer Breeze. They will be releasing a new EP later this year and I will let you know when it has been released!

Social Media Pages for Igneous
Instagram (@igneous_official)

The purpose of this segment is to give exposure to artists who are new or do not have that much of a social following. With the digital age of the internet and changing atmosphere of music, almost anyone can create and upload music on the internet. However, a lot of artists go unknown, even if they put out quality music content. If you like this type of content, please let me know and get in contact with me if you would like to be featured on this segment!


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