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Album Review: ERYS by Jaden

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Jaden Smith, now known as Jaden, is an American rapper based out of California. And yes, he is the son of Will Smith. ERYS is his second studio album and follows a similar layout to his debut album, SYRE.

Just like SYRE, the first four tracks on ERYS are just a single letter. When you put the four letters together it spells out the word, PINK. P starts out with Jaden's sister, Willow, singing in a simple up and down pattern, but it sets the stage for something dark. They also mention Adam and Eve from the bible. There's a distorted guitar throughout P which is interesting. The guitar makes it sound like the start of a orchestral rock piece. The tracks seems to mesh together, but I definitely changes the tone of the track and turns it into a more trap-style piece. In N, Jaden introduces the character, ERYS. He says that SYRE, from his past album, is dead. ERYS is supposed to be this evil character since Jaden says he was born from the darkness. K is the last track from PINK and it is also the longest. If Jaden is ERYS, he's glad that this girl found him since she's helping him be a better person. Towards the end of K, there's a beat switch and it goes back to the dark theme of the piece.

The next track is NOIZE and has a great feature from Tyler, The Creator. This track criticizes the mass media. Back in 2018, Jaden told a crowd that him and Tyler were dating, since Tyler, The Creator came out as gay/bisexual in his album, Flower Boy. However, Jaden was joking and the media quickly took this story as fact. Tyler, The Creator briefly covers that story in his verse.

i-drip-or-is is the next track off the album. This is a hard hitting track off the album and is definitely something I could see being a hit off the album. There's a beat switch towards the end of the song that adds a lighter note to the song. In the second verse, Jaden mentions white hoods, which could be a reference to racism in the US.

Again was a single for the album and is probably the most hard hitting track off the album. Jaden delivers some of his best bars on this track. He makes a quick reference to all the online trolls and told them to be careful when they aren't on their Xbox. ERYS, or Jaden's alter-ego ends out the track with a singing part. He talks about this girl again that was mentioned earlier in the PINK track.

Got It is like a short interlude track. The beat gives me a video game vibe with the high pitched synths. This is a Tay Keith beat, as with his producer tag used in the beginning of the track.

The next track, Fire Dept, totally caught me off guard. I feel like this track is his attempt at lo-fi or garage rock. While I don't think it's a completely terrible track, it just doesn't mix with the album and would have been better as a b-side or on the deluxe version. Maybe Jaden is trying to tell us that he can make different genres of music, not just rap/trap.

Mission brings us back to the trap-influenced beats. In the first verse, he mentions the XXL Freshmen class and how he will never be a considered artist on the list. Instead of being upset, he tells them that he's still making great beats and doesn't need to be on the list to be considered a great artist. When Trinidad James comes on the track, the bass on the track just gets super distorted and changes the whole vibe of the track. However, the end of the track sets up for the next track on the album.

Summertime In Paris features Willow again. In this track, Jaden exercises his singing talent and his sister talk about falling in love in the summer. They both mention how summer is the time to fall in love with someone new.

Blackout is one of the longer and ambitious tracks on the album. Jaden really pours all of his emotions into this track. He talks about this one girl that he still loves, but unfortunately they aren't together anymore. This could be a reference to a past relationship with Sarah Snyder. According to Jaden, a few tracks on SYRE were about her, so it would make sense if he referenced her again on this album.

Pain has two different parts, and it could be a continuation of the last track. The last track he was dwelling on old thoughts, and now with the first part, he's trying to pretend he's over this girl. He's hanging out with his friends and trying to get his mind off of her. The second part of the song, he falls back into that state that was presented in Blackout. There's also some nice french parts sprinkled in there.

The next track, Chateau has a feature from A$AP Rocky. While the track is just barely over two minutes long, they both seem to go hard on this track. A$AP Rocky keeps talking about contacts during the chorus, which could reference getting record deals or signings from different recording companies.

Jaden secured another featured artist on the next track, On My Own. In Kid Cudi's chorus, he talks about never giving up and always trying to improve. Kid Cudi has mentioned that he had suffered from depression. In his music, he tries to keep his head up and spread a positive message to others.

The track Riot starts off calm and mellow, but quickly grows throughout the track. There's a blaring guitar in his first verse. After the second time he goes through his chorus, Jaden just lets loose. He starts screaming and gives it his all. He seems to be talking about a certain girl again during this track.

The last track off the non-deluxe version is ERYS. The introduction reminds me of the deep voice Tyler, The Creator would use on his earlier work. This is the longest track on the album in clocks in just below eight minutes. The tracks seems more like a story rather than a song. The track sums up the end of this character, ERYS.

The next three tracks are on the deluxe version of ERYS. Beautiful Disruption was included in the three singles for the ERYS IS COMING pack. I'm a little upset that this was the only track that made it onto the album, but it's the more polished version compared to what we got earlier this year.

Somebody Else is the second bonus track from the deluxe version. This is just the middle part of ERYS, but as a separate track.

Ghost (Remix) is just a remix of one of Jaden's tracks in 2018. It features an extra verse from A$AP Rocky again.

What did you think of the album? What were some of your favorite tracks? Let me know in the comments section!
Overall Rating: 5/10
Favorite Tracks: PINK, Again, Blackout, Beautiful Disruption

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This post is sponsored by Skillshare. Get two free months by clicking here! Learn a new skill or hobby by watching the online courses! With over 7 million people and more than 29,000 courses, there's a lot to learn from. There is also a free option that gives you access to plenty of content. Join today to start learning!

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