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The boy band who swept a lot of people off their feet back in 2017 are back with their fifth studio album, GINGER. Brockhampton is a boy band originally formed in San Marcos, Texas. The group eventually moved to Los Angeles and grew in popularity.

The first track off the album is NO HALO. Compared to all of the other Brockhampton albums, this is a mellow opener. It starts off with a guitar and high pitched vocals. Throughout the track, members of the group talk about their imperfections and some of the issues they have faced. The title of the track, NO HALO, probably refers to the fact that they aren't perfect people. Merlyn stood out most on this track since he's usually the wild and crazy one. On this track, he has a smooth, R&B type sound which I really enjoy.

SUGAR is another pop, soulful-like track. This track also uses short-staccato guitar notes. During the chorus of the track, Ryan Beatty is mentioning a relationship that he is in. He wants to be with this person, but that person isn't with them right now. Since the person isn't with them right now, this could reference a rough patch in the relationship since he says, "Tell me what I'm waiting for." Throughout the Saturation trilogy and on iridescence, members, especially Kevin Abstract, would pitch their vocals up to get a different sound. I really enjoy Kevin's normal singing voice so hearing it pitched up turned me off to the track.

Boy Bye is the first hip-hop and banger type track off of the album. This track has a very interesting beat since it seems like they are using a banjo, with a variety of other electronic instrumentation. During the track, despite some of the members past, they are doing much better now. They talk about their rise in fame as well as appreciating others in the group. I also think Kevin redeems himself on this track, especially since he has a great verse.

Next, we have a short track called HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU. This track features UK rapper, slowthai. This song is actually an extension to a song that appears later on the album, IF YOU PRAY RIGHT. At the end of the track, there is a distorted sound that eventually pans out.

After that we have ST. PERCY which is a hard-hitting banger. This track is exactly what you think it's about, a lot of sexual innuendos that are said throughout the track. Then at the very end of the track, you have Merlyn being Merlyn. You have him yelling his outrageous lyrics.

IF YOU PRAY RIGHT continues to use the same sample that we heard at the end of HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU. Then, once the track goes on for a bit, we have a trombone join in on the fun. It's an interesting addition to the track, but Brockhampton likes to experiment with a variety of instruments. Since the title of the track is called IF YOU PRAY RIGHT, they mention several different religious figures and backgrounds. Towards the end of the track, that distorted noise that we heard in the other track comes back.

DEARLY DEPARTED is an emotion-filled track. The track seems to talk about one of their past members, Ameer Vann. While this issue is split within the Brockhampton fan base, I will not get into all of the drama that is tied into it. At the end of the track Dom seems to be the one that was most affected by the issue and shows a lot of emotion on the track.

The next track, I BEEN BORN AGAIN was one of the singles for the album. It opens up with bearface whispering into the microphone. The members don't really talk about anything new on this track, similar to what they have been rapping about on other tracks. Joba does have an interesting vocal effect going on during his verse. Matt has a hard-hitting outro to end the track.

After that, we have the title track, GINGER. The track has a very sad/depressing tone to it, especially since this entire album has that tone. As I've said before, I appreciate Kevin's original singing voice so I was a little disappointed that he had to pitch up on the chorus. The track basically talks about knowing that everyone has some type of issue going on in their life, and acknowledging that they aren't the only ones dealing with that issue.

BIG BOY is another downtempo track on the album. On the track, they talk about how society views a "big boy" or adult male. In the past, society viewed males as not showing emotions and having to put on this act of being tough and not crying. This can be seen on the chorus since Kevin mentions, "Don't pout around me."

LOVE ME FOR LIFE features several different members of the groups switching up their flows. I really enjoy Kevin's flow on this track since it features a flow that he hasn't really ventured into before. My only complaint is that Merlyn just comes out of nowhere with a hard-hitting verse while the other members just took it easy.

The last track, VICTOR ROBERTS features Victor Roberts, who is a friend of Dom. Victor talks about how he let a friend into his home, but that ended up backfiring. When he tried to help that friend, it just brought more pain and danger into his life. He also mentions his friend getting in trouble with the police a few times throughout his verse.

What did you think of the album? What were some of your favorite tracks? Let me know down in the comments section!
Overall Rating: 6/10


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